Our Faculty

There are several labs within the University of Toronto’s Psychology Department that conduct aging research. To learn more about the research being conducted by the most frequent users of the Adult Volunteer Pool, please click on the names of our faculty below. In addition to our core users, we often have requests to use our Pool from faculty affiliated with the Psychology Department. As a volunteer, you may be contacted by labs not listed here. If you would like more information about any specific lab, please contact the Adult Volunteer Pool Coordinator by phone at (416) 978-0905, or by email at adultpool@utoronto.ca.

Dr. Alison Chasteen

In the Adult Development Laboratory, we are interested in how social variables such as attitudes and beliefs affect older people’s self-perceptions and performance.

Dr. Morgan Barense

Our lab’s specific focus is on understanding how the brain supports memory, and how memory is affected by brain damage or disease.

Dr. Morris Moscovitch

The Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab is dedicated to studying psychological processes and brain mechanisms involved in memory, attention, face-recognition and navigation in younger and older adults, and in people with brain damage.

Dr. Lynn Hasher

Our gerontology research centers on two major issues. The first is the role that basic attentional processes play in the ability to understand language and remember events. The second line of work is concerned with adult age differences in circadian patterns of arousal and with synchrony effects.

Dr. Jay Pratt

In the Visual Cognition Lab, we are interested in understanding the process of selecting visual information for further processing in the brain.