The University of Toronto’s Psychology Department is currently looking for volunteers that are 55 to 80 years old!

5 Things You Want To Know About the Adult Volunteer Pool

1. Good Cause

By participating, you are contributing to the University of Toronto’s research in psychology. Our aging studies wouldn’t be possible without you!

2. Confidential

Participant information is stored in a password protected database that is only accessible through the Adult Volunteer Pool computer.

3. Compensation

You will be paid $18 per hour. Sessions are typically 1-2 hours long.

4. Low Commitment

Being in the Adult Volunteer Pool is not a time-consuming commitment. Typically, participants are only contacted once or twice a year. In fact, even if you are asked to participate in a study, you can always say no.

5. Easy Scheduling

Researchers will try to accommodate schedules, even if you are busy and/or work full-time. We offers sessions in the morning, afternoon, and evening so that you can come in at your own convenience.

To sign up, click HERE. For more information, click HERE or visit the tabs at the top of the screen.